What is Birth Like at the Birth Center of New Jersey?

What is Birth Like at the Birth Center of New Jersey?
What is Birth Like at the Birth Center of New Jersey?

What is Birth Like at the Birth Center of New Jersey?


The Birth Center of New Jersey offers today’s family an alternative to maternity care in a safe and comfortable setting.


Our care is personalized. We encourage the family to take an active role with an “I can do it” mentality. There is a great deal of individual freedom – moms and a chosen companion decide on what type of experience they want. Siblings and other family members are welcomed.


What is the birth suite like?


Each room is equipped with a giant birthing tub, a queen-sized bed, a shower, and a crib for postpartum use. The birthing tubs have jets, lights, and are deep enough to submerge your belly for comfort during labor. 


When should I call the midwife?


You’ll receive instructions through the course of your prenatal care about how to communicate with your midwife. Call the midwife when contractions are about five minutes apart, lasting a minute, and have been consistent. If you have any risk factors, you’ll receive specialized instructions for when to contact the midwife on call.


Who can come to my birth?


You have the freedom to invite anyone you’re comfortable with and who provides supportive presence to your birthing experience.


Having a baby is a highly personal experience, and we feel that you should be able to share it with anyone you choose. This may include your partner or other primary support persons or may be other children, relatives, or friends. Your primary support person can actively participate in the birth experience. If you decide to have other children present, they will need to have advance preparation and be supervised by a second adult support person. We just ask that the people you have with you respect the midwives and give them room when they need it in order to provide the best care for the you and baby.


How soon after birth can I go home? What can I expect?


At the birth center, we begin preparing new families for their birth during your prenatal care. We will help you plan for the support and care you and your baby need at home in the first few days and weeks after birth. After the birth, your baby will get a complete physical examination. You will be checked to make sure that there is no bleeding or complications, and that your baby is breastfeeding successfully. Providing that no complications arise, the mother and baby are stable, and the baby has been nursed, clients will remain at the birth center for up to 4 hours after giving birth. However, mothers can stay in the center from 6 to 8 hours if needed.


Once you are home, a birth center professional will contact you within 24-48 hours to check on you and the baby. You can call your midwife at any time during your postpartum with questions or concerns. This way you can get the rest you need, time to bond with your new baby, and the health and wellbeing of you and your baby continues to be monitored. Your baby should be seen by a pediatric care provider within the first 72 hours. Postpartum checkups are performed at our Artemis OB/GYN office.


Having a baby is a wonderful and natural family event. The Birth Center of New Jersey’s goal is to provide the safety of a hospital with the comfort of a home atmosphere, all with the assurance that competent, attentive staff is helping your family realize a dream come true.

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