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At the Birth Center of New Jersey, we are focused on helping you have a beautiful, comfortable, and natural pregnancy and birth.

About The Birth Center of New Jersey

Our providers strive to support women spiritually, physically, and emotionally through pregnancy and beyond. We believe every mother has the right to access a midwife close to home.

A Unique

The Birth Center of New Jersey was inspired by our philosophy of choice, from the type of health care provider you feel comfortable with, to the place you choose to birth and start your new family.

Full Scope Midwifery Care

At The Birth Center of New Jersey, we’re not just about labor and birth, we are a full-care center that is focused on building a community
of education and support. You will enjoy the nurturing support from our midwives throughout your pregnancy and birth.
The Birthing Experience

One of the midwife’s most important roles is to support the mother and family with education about the process of birth. She carefully evaluates the mother’s vitals signs and the baby’s heart rate using a handheld doppler throughout labor.

Well Woman Care

Our midwives offer annual checkups and pap smears for all women in every phase of their lifespan, from puberty to menopause. Follow up visits are performed by our amazing midwives at Artemis OB/GYN. We also offer Pre-Conception Counseling

Water Birth

The Birth Center of NJ’s birthing suites are designed to provide you with a birthing experience that is natural, comfortable and safe. In addition to beds and birthing stools, we offer mothers the option of a water birth.

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