Redefine Your Birth

Our providers strive to support women spiritually, physically, and emotionally through pregnancy and beyond.

A Unique Experience

Mom-focused birth center located in Union, NJ. We offer an innovative approach to prenatal care that combines your regular checkups with group support and education.

Intimate Comfort

True birthing suites with the privacy you deserve. At The Birth Center of NJ, we’re not just about labor and birth, we are a full-care center that is focused on building a community of education and support. You will enjoy the nurturing support from our midwives throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Childbirth Education

Our childbirth education is provided by experienced instructors, blending evidence-based practices with traditional holistic techniques to help you navigate your own path.

Welcome to the Birth Center of New Jersey!

The Birth Center of New Jersey was inspired by our philosophy of choice, from the type of health care provider you feel comfortable with, to the place you choose to birth and start your new family. Birth Center Care or Hospital delivery is available for the safe, comfortable birth you desire.

Healthy, Safe and Transformative

Birth is healthy, safe and transformative. We practice generalized joy at BCNJ by recognizing this first and most important basic principle.


We are nothing without our clients. Our belief is that the client and the family always come first and that the midwives and staff will be as flexible as possible when it comes to fulfilling client needs. We are humbled and awed by the chance to be involved in this sacred time in a woman’s life.

True Guidance

We partner with our clients and put them in charge of their own care. We see each woman as our equal. We recognize that each client is a whole person, not just a body, and through education, providing choices, and gently guiding, we offer a woman self-determination in her reproductive and birthing choices.

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