Services We Provide:


One of the midwife’s most important roles is to support the mother and family with education about the process of birth. She carefully evaluates the mother’s vitals signs and the baby’s heart rate using a handheld doppler throughout labor. A vaginal exam is done with the mother’s permission when Birth Plan-checking for progress is appropriate.


The newest safest pain control option is now available at The Birth Center of New Jersey. Nitrous Oxide Patient Controlled Analgesia can help relax you and reduce your pain during labor and the cost is 4 or 5 times less than an epidural without the side effects. This system can be used anywhere, even during a water birth and during any stage of labor without slowing it down. Single use disposable masks or mouthpieces for your safety and comfort are provided.


The Birth Center of NJ’s birthing suites are designed to provide you with a birthing experience that is natural, comfortable and safe. In addition to beds and birthing stools, we offer mothers the option of a water birth. A water birth often helps to reduce the pain and stress of labor, leading to an easier natural birth. Water birth during the first stages of labor has been shown to reduce the risk of episiotomy, as well as the need for epidurals. Other positives associated with water birth include a reduced risk of c-section, as well as better bladder control after delivery.


After the birth, you will be given your baby to hold with an emphasis on skin-to-skin contact. The baby will never leave your room. Newborn examinations, foot-printing, etc. are done beside you on your bed. You will be given as much privacy as you feel you need to touch, cuddle and bond with your newborn infant.


Our midwives offer annual checkups and pap smears for all women in every phase of their lifespan, from puberty to menopause. Follow up visits are performed by our amazing midwives at Artemis OB/GYN. We also offer Pre-Conception Counseling.


All babies born in the state of New Jersey are required by law to have newborn screenings. These three tests are preformed between one and five days of life. The three tests include hearing, pulse oximetry and metabolic screening. At The Birth Center of New Jersey, we preform them right in the comfort of our center and with baby right in your arms.