Am I a Good Candidate for Midwifery Care?

Am I a Good Candidate for Midwifery Care?
Am I a Good Candidate for Midwifery Care?


Am I a Good Candidate for Midwifery Care?
Am I a Good Candidate for Midwifery Care?

Am I a Good Candidate for Midwifery Care?


One of your first things you’ll likely want to do when you find out you are pregnant is choose where you want to give birth and your care team. Choosing between a hospital and a birth center for prenatal and birth care are two of the most popular options. If you are considering a birth center birth with a midwife, you’ll want to learn if you are a good candidate for this type of care! 

Birth centers follow the midwifery model of care. This model is designed to respect and encourage the natural process of birth while ensuring maternal safety and autonomy. A natural birth experience is meant to be healthy, safe, and transformative. However, it is important to recognize that not all people might be well suited for midwifery care at a birth center. 


Who is a good candidate for midwifery care?

The good news is that most healthy pregnant people are good candidates for midwifery care.

This means anyone who is low-risk, has had a normal pregnancy so far, and has no debilitating diseases (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc) is generally eligible for care. Some general conditions include:

VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) may be allowed depending on previous birth history and if you can safely deliver naturally this time.

In summary, individuals who don’t need specialized medical care are good candidates for midwifery care at a birth center.


How does the birth center determine if I am a good candidate for care?

You will be carefully screened on your first visit through a thorough history and examination. We might run a few tests if required before letting you know if you can safely deliver naturally. 

After this first visit, you are evaluated throughout your pregnancy to promote a safe and satisfying birth experience. Up until the very last prenatal visit, we evaluate you to be sure that natural birth is the best way forward for you and your baby. 

Remember, care is on a continuum. Our goal is to meet your personal needs while ensuring your and your baby’s safety.


What factors could risk me out of midwifery care?

Certain risk factors in your prior history or current pregnancy might risk you out of prenatal care. 

These include risk factors such as:

Such factors may require specialized medical care during pregnancy and delivery, so you might be taken out of a birth center and transferred to a hospital to ensure a safer experience.


If you want to learn more about our care and set up your first appointment, send us a message!

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