Prenatal Appointments With Your Midwife

Prenatal Appointments With Your Midwife
Prenatal Appointments With Your Midwife

Prenatal Appointments With Your Midwife

Pregnancy is a very special time in any mother’s life. Yet, there is no denying that it comes with its fair share of physical and mental challenges.

Care during this period is crucial in determining maternal and fetal outcomes. 


Why are prenatal appointments important?

Good prenatal care can make all the difference in how a mother feels during her pregnancy and how well her baby’s growth progresses.

These appointments help healthcare providers and mothers stay in the loop. It helps midwives monitor the progress of pregnancy and determine whether the baby is growing well and the mother’s health is optimal. 

It also serves as an opportunity to diagnose and prepare for any problems for the mother and the baby. This is particularly important to ensure that the mother can have a safe, natural birth without any last-minute complications.


What happens in a prenatal appointment?

The prenatal appointment is essentially centered  on a health exam for the mother and an abdominal examination to ensure that the baby is doing well.

During the appointment:

And if the parents have any questions, we make sure to answer those during this time as well!

In the later months and during the days leading up to your delivery, we talk about your birth plan, preparing for postpartum, etc. This helps to prepare you for the journey ahead.


How long are prenatal appointments?

Most prenatal appointments are usually 15 to 30 minutes long. However, they can be longer if you have something important to discuss.


How often will I be seen?

The usual prenatal appointment schedule goes like this:

We might see you more often if we need a closer follow-up or less often if this is your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy.


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