Integrated Care with Artemis OBGYN

Integrated Care with Artemis OBGYN
Integrated Care with Artemis OBGYN

Integrated Care With Artemis OB/GYN


The Birth Center of New Jersey and Artemis OB/GYN provide a collaborative experience for care.

Artemis OBGYN excels in providing integrated  care services for families with a tailored approach for each in terms of prenatal and postpartum support and guidance, as well as choice of birth experience. 



The Birth Center of New Jersey is a family birthing center that specializes in women’s wellness by working in partnership with Artemis OBGYN.

It strives to support women physically and mentally for each phase of their life; from puberty to preconception planning, and up to menopause. Its core lies in comprehensive care for the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey for women through exceptional midwifery services. These include regular checkups and support for prenatal care, labor, and birth care via evaluation of the mother’s and baby’s vitals, birth suites, water birth, postpartum care, wellness care (pap smears and annual checkups), and newborn health checks. 



Artemis OB/GYN is an all-in-one obstetrics and gynecology center in New Jersey known for pregnancy, labor, and childbirth-related services with the support of a highly experienced midwife staff and board-certified physician in the event of unforeseen complications and risks. 

Aside from obstetrics and midwifery services, Artemis also offers gynecology services for women, including routine exams, fibroid treatments, and minimally invasive surgeries for conditions such as ovarian tumors. With a promise to listen to the needs of each patient and make them feel right at home, our adept staff is committed to providing state-of-the-art care, whether it’s scheduling appointments, requesting prescriptions, or receiving and reporting test results.


By providing a comfortable and nurturing environment to mothers-to-be, Artemis OBGYN and The Birth Center of New Jersey aim to provide holistic, 360-degree care.


To learn more about your birthing options, send us a message!

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