Working Out During Pregnancy

Working Out During Pregnancy

Working Out During Pregnancy

With new research and surveys, it is now believed that a certain level of healthy activity during pregnancy benefits both the mother and the baby.

If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy. then working out, especially activity that you had done before pregnancy, is usually very safe. However, there can be times when your healthcare provider might suggest staying clear of certain activities, so it is always best to double check with them before starting anything new! 

Some conditions that may warrant bedrest during pregnancy include:

  • Preeclampsia
  • Placenta previa
  • Recent surgery or cervical cerclage
  • History of placental abruption or bleeding in previous pregnancies
  • If you’re suffering from certain lung or heart conditions that prevent you from working out


Workouts To Avoid When Pregnant

While anything you feel comfortable doing can be safely practiced during pregnancy. Here are some workouts you should avoid just to be safe.

  • High-impact workouts
  • Workouts that require vigorous jumping or running
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • High-impact ab exercises like full sit-ups
  • Contact sports like baseball, tennis, etc
  • Anything that would put you at risk for an injury, like skiing, hiking, cycling, etc


Pregnancy Safe Workouts

That said, here are some workouts deemed pregnancy-safe by ACOG:


Walking at a pace that you’re comfortable with is considered safe and beneficial during pregnancy. It is easy on the joints, regulates your heart rate and metabolism, and helps you burn off some extra calories.

Walking outdoors is also a great way to feel more energized and refreshed, which can help you de-stress.


Swimming is a great workout for pregnant women! It doesn’t put too much strain on your joints and helps regulate your muscle movement in a fluid and effective manner.

Just make sure you’re with someone to help you out, and try to avoid diving or anything else that may cause any sort of injury. 


Yoga is a nice way to get some exercise without exhausting yourself. It helps you de-stress, improves muscle flexibility and regulates your breathing. 

Certain types of yoga can also help improve your pelvic muscles. This benefits you in two ways: first, it takes away the strain from your pelvic muscles and helps alleviate built-up tension and pain. Second, it strengthens your muscles in a way that helps you push more effectively during labor. 

Pilates Modified For Pregnant Women

While regular pilates may be a little too high-intensity for pregnant women. There is a type of modified pilates that isn’t as aggressive but helps you safely get some activity in!

It helps improve your flexibility, improves your muscle strength, and helps regulate your blood pressure. Not to mention, sometimes it can be super fun as well! 

If you need other suggestions or want to learn more about the benefits of working out during pregnancy, be sure to ask at your next appointment! 

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