Who Can Use a Birth Center?

Who Can Use a Birth Center?

Who Can Use a Birth Center?

Who Can Use a Birth Center?

Birth centers have completely changed the way we look at motherhood and women’s healthcare. They give mothers the opportunity to have more say in matters of their health and pregnancy. It also encourages the natural process of birthing and delivery, minimizing the use of medical interventions. 

But before you consider choosing a birth center, there are some things you must know about who can use a birth center.

Who Can Use a Birth Center?

To use a birth center, you need to be able to have a normal vaginal birth. So any condition or health problem that prevents you from having a normal vaginal delivery would prevent you from using a birth center.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Low lying placenta or placenta previa
  • Active vaginal infection 
  • Untreated HIV infection
  • Previous complicated natural birth
  • Breech presentation
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
  • Previous uterine abruption

Mothers that have no previous health conditions and ones that have had a completely normal previous birth and are having an uneventful pregnancy so far can probably deliver at a birth center safely.

At your first appointment, a history and examination will be done to screen you for any health problems that might trouble your experience at the birth center. Once you are accepted, we’ll start scheduling your appointments accordingly. Remember, care is on a continuum. Our goal is to meet your personal needs as well as ensure your safety.

When you’re choosing a birth center, here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Proximity to your location
  • Qualifications of the midwives and other care providers
  • Services and type of care they offer
  • Birth Center goals and how they line up to your needs and preferences


If you are interested in a birth center birth, give us a call at 973-MID-WIFE, or send us a message to get started!


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