What Should I Wear in Labor?

What Should I Wear in Labor?

What Should I Wear in Labor?

What Should I Wear in Labor?


There is a lot of planning when it comes to pregnancy. Planning the nursery. Planning the birth. Planning the new schedules for after baby comes. With all of this planning, it can feel a little overwhelming, so to help we wanted to give you the breakdown on one more thing you might be planning, which is what you should wear in labor! 

Labor is completely personal. Choosing what to wear follows suit. However, there are a few components to look for when planning your labor wardrobe: comfortability, accessibility, and washibilty. 




We like to focus on the comfortability of an outfit because labor is hard work and there are times when your clothing can help or hinder your comfortability. Your clothing choice shouldn’t add a problem. Some people are comfortable in full gowns like the traditional hospital gowns or the labor gowns you can purchase yourself that are growing in popularity. Other women in labor prefer to be less covered and might choose to wear nothing. Think about how the fabrics feel and fit so nothing is too tight or uncomfortable. 




Accessibility is important because your healthcare providers need to be able to get where they need to get to when the time comes for you to start pushing. If clothing is easy to move around and take on and off if need be, then it makes it easier for you throughout all stages of labor. Think about bras that can easily unhook or loose tops and bottoms. If you are thinking about laboring in a tub many women choose to wear a bra on top with nothing on bottom.




No one has ever claimed that labor doesn’t come with a little bit of clean up. During labor you could experience your water breaking or some light bleeding which can continue into birth and after birth. Choosing clothes that you can easily wash or ones you are okay with throwing out after might be a better choice!


Again, what you choose is all up to you and your preferences! So, while you are planning for your birth bag and what to wear in labor, remember these tips and find something that works for you.

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