What is a Birth Center?

What is a Birth Center?

You probably found this post because you have recently found out you are expecting, so first off, congratulations! Second, it’s good to start thinking about and deciding on what kind of birth you want to opt for as soon as possible. While the traditional hospital birth route is a common choice, did you know you can also give birth at a birth center?

What is a Birth Center?

A birth center is a healthcare facility different from a traditional hospital. It allows you to give birth in a home-like environment with the added care of midwives and nurses along with facilities to support you throughout the process.

The core idea of a birth center is to support and augment the normal physiologic process of the birth without any needless interventions. To support that, birth centers employ natural techniques to ensure the labor progresses smoothly for both the mother and the baby.

What is the Difference Between a Birth Center and a Hospital?

Here are some ways a birth center differs from a hospital:

  • Since the environment at a birth center is more relaxed and entirely focused on the birth, it allows for us to provide individualized attention to each mother, which might not always be possible at a hospital.
  • Hospitals usually have strict rules about the number of visitors you can have with you in the labor suite. At a birth center, you can have more control over who you want in your labor suite.
  • Hospitals usually have a standard protocol of medications and procedures that apply to every mother. On the contrary, birth centers use minimal medical intervention and encourage the natural progress of labor.
  • The rooms at a birth center are set up to make you feel like you are in the comfort of your home with large beds, kitchenettes, warm lighting, labor tubs, and much more while hospital rooms come pretty standard with their typical bedding and hospital food.


Advantages of a Birth Center?

Here are some reasons why you might want to give birth at a birth center:

  • Lower chances of using medications or interventions if your labor is progressing naturally
  • Lower rates of C-section
  • Greater control over birth experience
  • More privacy
  • Lower cost compared to a hospital birth

Since birth centers specialize in low-risk birth, there are certain circumstances that can risk you out of midwifery and birth center care. However most healthy, low-risk women will qualify for this type of care! At the Birth Center of New Jersey, you will be carefully screened on your first visit and evaluated throughout your pregnancy to promote a safe and satisfying birth experience. Remember care is on a continuum. Our goal is to meet your personal needs as well as to ensure your safety.

The Birth Center of New Jersey

The Birth Center of New Jersey offers today’s family an alternative to hospital maternity care in a safe and comfortable environment. Our birth center is run by professionally accredited midwives who have the skills and sensitivity to provide a “best of both worlds” scenario.

Having a baby is a natural family event. The Birth Center of New Jersey’s goal is to provide the safety of a medical facility and the comfort of a home atmosphere, all with the assurance that competent, attentive staff is helping your family realize a dream come true. To learn more, send us a message and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

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