The Wellness Collective

The Wellness Collective

The Wellness Collective

The Wellness Collective


What is the Wellness Collective?


The Wellness Collective is a collaboration between The Birth Center of New Jersey and Artemis OB/GYN, which aims to provide comprehensive care to women from puberty to menopause and everything in between. 

Our goal is to help women with any reproductive health issues in a way that provides both a holistic approach and a medical perspective so women get the best of both worlds.


Why the Collaboration Between a Birth Center and an OB/GYN Facility??


At the Birth Center of New Jersey, we want to be able to offer you the care and safety you need at such a crucial time. 

The idea is to provide you with specialized care should you need it. Whether you need an OB/GYN or Midwife, both of them can continue to provide you the same compassionate care in the hospital without you having to leave the premises and worry about the shift of services. 

To make things easier, our relationship with Overlook Medical Center is really cohesive. Unlike other Birth Centers, the transfer of care is seamless. 

This means you get treated with the respect you deserve from the hospital staff when you arrive to continue your care under Dr. Pemberton and her associates.

At the Birth Center of New Jersey, we make every effort to create the loving, intimate feeling of an at-home birth, while providing you with the safety of continuous one-on-one care with a medical expert. 

Whether you’re at The Birth Center of New Jersey or the hospital, you’ll still have the support of our highly skilled and caring team of professionals during your prenatal care, labor, and birth. And whenever else you’ll need it.


About Artemis OB/GYN


Artemis OB/GYN is an expertly run Obstetrics and Gynecology practice with board-certified doctors. Artemis specializes in catering to each patient’s care in a specialized and customized manner so everyone feels equally cared for.

The goal is to create an environment that provides patients with the intimate and comfortable environment of a birth center along with the expert care of a trained medical professional.

For more information, please peruse our website, join our Facebook family, and call us at 908-627-4455 to learn more about The Birth Center of New Jersey.


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