Nitrous Oxide for Pregnancy

Nitrous Oxide for Pregnancy

Nitrous Oxide for Pregnancy

Nitrous Oxide for Pregnancy


Labor does not come without pain. This is not to say that you cannot tolerate the pain and the surges that come with it. In fact, at The Birth Center of New Jersey, we believe that birth is healthy, safe, and transformative, and we are here to help you navigate it. We also believe in partnership and letting our clients be in charge of their own care. We recognize that each client is a whole person, not just a body, and through education and providing choices, we offer birthing choices for our families. 

One of those choices is understanding and determining a pain management plan for labor. One such pain management option is Nitrous Oxide! 


What is Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous Oxide is more commonly known as laughing gas. Most people are familiar with laughing gas from dental procedures, but nitrous oxide can be extremely beneficial for labor. It is an inhaled anesthetic gas that can help in reducing anxiety and reduce the awareness of pain, without eliminating it. 


When is Nitrous Oxide used?


Nitrous Oxide is extremely helpful during intense contractions. A lot of times when we have clients who are coping with contractions well but might need a little something extra to help get them over the edge in active labor, we offer Nitrous Oxide. 


How do you use Nitrous Oxide?


Our Nitrous Oxide is self-administered. Typically, you breathe in the Nitrous Oxide with your contractions and then in between contractions you take breaks. It helps to just subside the pain of the contractions a little bit, without taking them away completely, but enough so that you can make it to the next contraction without feeling completely defeated. 


What are the benefits of Nitrous Oxide during pregnancy?


Nitrous Oxide is a safe pain control option that costs 4 or 5 times less than an epidural without the side effects! This system can be used anywhere, even during a water birth and during any stage of labor without slowing it down. 


If you want to learn more about Nitrous Oxide for labor, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about it at your next appointment! 


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