Home Birth with The Birth Center of New Jersey

Home Birth with The Birth Center of New Jersey

Home Birth with The Birth Center of New Jersey



Home Birth with The Birth Center of New Jersey


Have you been researching and deciding on the type of birth that you would like to have? In that research, you probably came across home birth! Home births have been done for centuries and are a great option for women that have low-risk, healthy pregnancies and that want a personalized birth experience. 


At The Birth Center of New Jersey, we offer home birth services with Dina Aurichio, LM, CPM. She provides prenatal care, postpartum care, and birth care all catered to her clients needs. 


Some of the main reasons families choose to have a home birth are:

  • Share the experience with family and friends
  • Move around freely throughout labor
  • Enjoy the comforts and familiar surroundings of home
  • Feel empowered over the birth experience


Some of the routine interventions that are typically done in a hospital setting have been found to lead to worse outcomes for birthing parents and babies. This has led to the desire of home births where women can give birth without medical interventions and put our clients in charge of their own care.


Not everyone is a good candidate for home birth. There are certain factors that could risk one out from having a baby in their home such as;


  • Pregnant with more than one baby
  • Your baby is not in an ideal position for delivery
  • You have had a previous C-section


If you are looking for autonomy and personalized care but are not sure if home birth is right for you, having birth at the birth center might be a better fit! At the Birth Center of New Jersey, every effort is made to create the loving, intimate feeling of an at-home birth, while providing the safety of continuous one-on-one care. Either at The Birth Center of New Jersey or your home, you’ll have the support of our highly skilled and caring team of professionals during your prenatal care, labor, and birth. We are your midwifery experts!

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