Essential Newborn Checklist

Essential Newborn Checklist

Essential Newborn Checklist

Essential Newborn Checklist

Being a first-time parent can be overwhelming in many ways. There is always something to sort through, be it birth plans, nursery decorations, or, of course, baby shopping.

There’s confusion about what to shop for and things you can leave for later. Here are the essentials you can add to your checklist. And then you can figure out the rest as you go!



Birth centers or hospitals won’t let you leave with your baby unless you have a car seat installed! It’s one of the ]things you should buy early during pregnancy, so you will have time to install it and test it before your baby is born.

Check your local laws regarding a baby seat before you buy one. It also helps to have your installation tested by an expert beforehand.



Newborns sleep a LOT, so having their bedding sorted should be a priority. Research what kind of bed you want for your baby and plan your nursery settings accordingly. 

If you plan on building the crib/bed yourself, get started early, so you have it completed by the time your baby arrives.


Burping cloths

It’s important to have your baby burp after every feed so they don’t spit it all out the second you lay them down! 

Burp cloths will quickly become your best friend if you would like to avoid getting baby spit up all over everything! You can never have too many burping cloths! Have one for all your rooms, your bags, and of course; a backup stock since you will constantly misplace them.



It helps to have at least 4-6 bottles when starting. They constantly get dirty, and trust us, you won’t have time or want to wash them constantly. 

To avoid the hassle, have enough bottles to last you for the day so you don’t run out of clean bottles. 


Breast pump

If you plan on breastfeeding, it can be super helpful to have a breast pump so you’re not constantly hurting and leaking when the baby is not ready to feed! 

Research different options ahead of time so you know which one to get by the time you need one.


Diaper, wipes, creams

You can never have too many diapers and wipes in the initial few months! It helps to load up on them beforehand so you don’t have to keep running to the store constantly. You can also return sizes that are too small or too big if you need to at the major stores and exchange them for ones that fit! 



Babies get their clothes dirty all the time, and you’ll be too busy to do the laundry frequently. Make sure you have at least 6-10 sets of clean pajamas to change them whenever you need to.


Bathing tub

Bathing a newborn can seem intimidating especially if you’re a new parent. It might help to have a newborn bathtub since those are built to keep your baby’s safety in mind.


Nose cleaner

Having a baby with a stuffy nose is no fun! They’ll be constantly agitated which means you’ll be constantly overwhelmed. 

A nose cleaner comes in super handy in these instances because you can just suck all the gunk out of your baby’s nose. The result? A happy baby and happy parents!

Remember that this is not a standard list and the essentials can vary from baby to baby. But it helps to have the basics out of the way before you move on to other stuff! 


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