The seven values we want to see represented in our organization:

  1. Birth is healthy, safe and transformative. We practice generalized joy at BCNJ by recognizing this first and most important basic principle.
  2. BCNJ is client-centered. We are nothing without our clients. Our belief is that the client and the family always come first and that the midwives and staff will be as flexible as possible when it comes to fulfilling client needs. We are humbled and awed by the chance to be involved in this sacred time in a woman’s life.
  3. We partner with our clients and put them in charge of their own care. We see each woman as our equal. We recognize that each client is a whole person, not just a body, and through education, providing choices, and gently guiding, we offer a woman self-determination in her reproductive and birthing choices.
  4. We are passionate and determined. Great just isn’t good enough – we want to be amazing. We want to be the best birthing center in the United States. We want every birth to be the most positive experience in a family’s life.
  5. We have great respect for the diversity of our staff and the varied paths that have led us to this calling. We are building a positive team and family spirit among midwives, assistants, staff and teachers. We believe in the highest level of collaboration by focusing on the sharing of wisdom and utilizing each other’s knowledge and skills to provide the best fusion of care possible.
  6. We practice a common sense blend of natural age-old midwifery wisdom and innovative state of the art, evidence-based care. We honor birth tradition while refusing to compromise our principles and accept the status quo.
  7. We are devoted to building a strong, supportive community within which our Moms, Babies and Families will find like-minded people to help them through the unique experience of pregnancy and early parenting. Modern life can be very isolating. We strive to create an environment where no family with a new baby ever feels alone or needlessly frightened by the task ahead of them.