Benefits of Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel

You might have heard of witch hazel being used in skincare and as a natural remedy for multiple skin problems. 

But did you know that witch hazel can also be used during the postpartum period to help soothe pain associated with perineal tearing during labor?


What is Witch Hazel?

Simply put, witch hazel is a plant. Its leaves and bark are used to make medicine that we commonly see as witch hazel water. There are also some preparations of oral medication made from witch hazel plants.

The witch hazel water is an astringent. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation when applied to the skin since it contains antioxidants and substances called tannins


Benefits of Witch Hazel

Some of the note-worthy benefits of witch hazel:

  • It helps calm down inflammation 
  • It helps reduce swelling
  • It may help treat hemorrhoids
  • It may help fight acne
  • It may soothe an irritated scalp
  • It may ward off infection on active wounds



Why is Witch Hazel used for postpartum?

While you may know some of the many uses of witch hazel, did you know it’s also commonly used in remedies for postpartum discomfort?

You might want to use witch hazel for these reasons:

  • It may help ease swelling and discomfort associated with pushing and vaginal tearing
  • It can help reduce postpartum hemorrhoids
  • You can apply it to any stitches that you might have to prevent infection



What are some ways to use Witch Hazel?

Here are some ways you can use witch hazel in the postpartum period:

  • Apply it directly to the wound using a cotton swab
  • Soak a sanitary pad with witch hazel and use it to soothe swelling 
  • Use a pre-made witch hazel pad
  • Add it to a water spray bottle and dilute it with some water, then spray it where you want


Make sure to get the green light from your healthcare provider before doing anything on your own!


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